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UltraDrape® in Healthcare Purchasing News Article "Inserting Infection Prevention"

July 7, 2021 Read Article

UltraDrape® in The Journal of the Association for Vascular Access Fall Issue "Survey of Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Intravenous Access: A Report of Supply Usage and Variability Between Clinical Roles and Departments"

September 9, 2020 Read Article

UltraDrape® in Infection Control Today Article "Better Barriers and Standardized Protocols: Improving UGPIV Safety"

October 8, 2019 Read Article

Press Release

UltraDrape Makes Ultrasound-Guided PIV Insertions Safer, Easier and More Cost-Effective

September 20, 2022 Download: PDF document

Parker Labs Partners with Tristel to Deliver
Ultrasound Disinfectant for U.S. Market

Download: PDF document

Parker Laboratories Partners with Tristel

July 15, 2022 Download: PDF document

UltraDrape Reduces Cost of Ultrasound-Guided PIV Insertions, Increases Safety & Efficiency

September 9, 2021 Download: PDF document

Parker Labs Leads Investment in Solstice Pharmaceuticals' Innovative Ultrasound

July 7, 2021 Download: PDF document

Clinician Survey Reveals Significant Variation in Ultrasound-Guided PIV Insertion Practices

October 20, 2020 Download: PDF document

Protex® Disinfectants Can Be Used Against 2019 Novel Coronavirus

June 17, 2020 Download: PDF document

Survey Shows Patient Safety is Improved by Reducing Variability in Ultrasound-Guided PIV Insertions

September 25, 2019 Download: PDF document

Poll Finds Patient Safety is Threatened by Current Ultrasound-Guided PIV Insertion Techniques

May 9, 2019 Download: PDF document

UltraDrape® Barrier & Securement Dressing from Parker Laboratories Obtains CE Mark

August 29, 2018 Download: PDF document

Parker Laboratories Introduces World's First UGPIV Barrier and Securement Dressing

April 3, 2018 Download: PDF document

World's Ultrasound and Electromedical Industry Leader Celebrates 60th Anniversary

January 30, 2018 Download: PDF document

Medical Ultrasound Pioneer Expands New Jersey-Based Facilities

January 11, 2018 Download: PDF document

Parker Laboratories Unrelated to NJ Medical Device Manufacturer in Contaminated Ultrasound Gel Case

July 12, 2016 Download: PDF document

Honorary Doctor of Science Degree Conferred to Martin Buchalter, Founder, Parker Laboratories, Inc.

February 19, 2015 Download: PDF document

CDC Deems Protex® and Protex® ULTRA Suitable for Use in Suspected or Confirmed Cases of Ebola Virus Infection

December 11, 2014 Download: PDF document

Parker Laboratories Introduces Protex® ULTRA with Faster Kill Times and Expanded Pathogen Effectiveness

July 1, 2014 Download: PDF document

Parker Laboratories Introduces Newly Redesigned Thermasonic Gel Warmer

June 3, 2013 Download: PDF document

Parker Laboratories Expands Operating Space to Accommodate Growth

June 3, 2012 Download: PDF document

Parker Laboratories Products Remain Safe for Use...NOT in any way related to Newark, NJ Ultrasound Gel Seizure

April 20, 2012 Download: PDF document

Parker Laboratories is the Semi-Finialist of the 19th Annual New Jersey Family Business of the Year Award

October 1, 2011 Download: PDF document

Prudential Center Selects Protex® as Exclusive Cleaner/Disinfectant for its Athletic Training Rooms

September 13, 2011 Download: PDF document
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