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Ultrasound-guided peripheral intravenous (UGPIV) catheter insertions are commonly used to establish intravenous access in patients with difficult vascular access.

August 25, 2023 Read Article

Communication and collaboration remain keys to successful healthcare

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I Save That Podcast is supported by Parker Laboratories

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Parker’s High-Level Disinfectant Foam Receives FDA de novo Clearance

July 25, 2023 Read Article

UltraDrape® in Healthcare Purchasing News Article "Inserting Infection Prevention"

July 7, 2021 Read Article

UltraDrape® in The Journal of the Association for Vascular Access Fall Issue "Survey of Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Intravenous Access: A Report of Supply Usage and Variability Between Clinical Roles and Departments"

September 9, 2020 Read Article

UltraDrape® in Infection Control Today Article "Better Barriers and Standardized Protocols: Improving UGPIV Safety"

October 8, 2019 Read Article

Press Release

Sterile Barrier Dressing Increases Efficiency and Safety of UGPIV Insertions, Pilot Study Finds

September 7, 2023 Download: PDF document

Parker Laboratories to Launch Groundbreaking Ultrasound Innovations at ENA 2023

Download: PDF document

Reducing Infection Risks for Ultrasound - Guided Percutaneous Performed by ED Nurses

Download: PDF document

State Agencies Grant Nationwide Access to Ultrasound Disinfectant from Parker Labs

July 12, 2023 Download: PDF document

FDA Grants De Novo Clearance to Tristel ULT™ as a High-Level Disinfectant for Ultrasound Applications

Download: PDF document

UltraDrape Makes Ultrasound-Guided PIV Insertions Safer, Easier and More Cost-Effective

September 20, 2022 Download: PDF document

Parker Labs Partners with Tristel to Deliver
Ultrasound Disinfectant for U.S. Market

Download: PDF document

Parker Laboratories Partners with Tristel

July 15, 2022 Download: PDF document

UltraDrape Reduces Cost of Ultrasound-Guided PIV Insertions, Increases Safety & Efficiency

September 9, 2021 Download: PDF document

Parker Labs Leads Investment in Solstice Pharmaceuticals' Innovative Ultrasound

July 7, 2021 Download: PDF document

Clinician Survey Reveals Significant Variation in Ultrasound-Guided PIV Insertion Practices

October 20, 2020 Download: PDF document

Protex® Disinfectants Can Be Used Against 2019 Novel Coronavirus

June 17, 2020 Download: PDF document

Survey Shows Patient Safety is Improved by Reducing Variability in Ultrasound-Guided PIV Insertions

September 25, 2019 Download: PDF document

Poll Finds Patient Safety is Threatened by Current Ultrasound-Guided PIV Insertion Techniques

May 9, 2019 Download: PDF document

UltraDrape® Barrier & Securement Dressing from Parker Laboratories Obtains CE Mark

August 29, 2018 Download: PDF document

Parker Laboratories Introduces World's First UGPIV Barrier and Securement Dressing

April 3, 2018 Download: PDF document

World's Ultrasound and Electromedical Industry Leader Celebrates 60th Anniversary

January 30, 2018 Download: PDF document

Medical Ultrasound Pioneer Expands New Jersey-Based Facilities

January 11, 2018 Download: PDF document

Parker Laboratories Unrelated to NJ Medical Device Manufacturer in Contaminated Ultrasound Gel Case

July 12, 2016 Download: PDF document

Honorary Doctor of Science Degree Conferred to Martin Buchalter, Founder, Parker Laboratories, Inc.

February 19, 2015 Download: PDF document

CDC Deems Protex® and Protex® ULTRA Suitable for Use in Suspected or Confirmed Cases of Ebola Virus Infection

December 11, 2014 Download: PDF document

Parker Laboratories Introduces Protex® ULTRA with Faster Kill Times and Expanded Pathogen Effectiveness

July 1, 2014 Download: PDF document

Parker Laboratories Introduces Newly Redesigned Thermasonic Gel Warmer

June 3, 2013 Download: PDF document

Parker Laboratories Expands Operating Space to Accommodate Growth

June 3, 2012 Download: PDF document

Parker Laboratories Products Remain Safe for Use...NOT in any way related to Newark, NJ Ultrasound Gel Seizure

April 20, 2012 Download: PDF document

Parker Laboratories is the Semi-Finialist of the 19th Annual New Jersey Family Business of the Year Award

October 1, 2011 Download: PDF document

Prudential Center Selects Protex® as Exclusive Cleaner/Disinfectant for its Athletic Training Rooms

September 13, 2011 Download: PDF document
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