Real-World Strategies for Improving Patient Safety During Ultrasound-Guided PIV Insertions (2023)

Standardized Ultrasound-Guided PIV Insertions Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs (2023)

Parker Laboratories to Introduce Groundbreaking Ultrasound Innovations at AVA (2023)

Association of Vascular Access: Standardized Protocols Ensure Patient Safety during Ultrasound-Guided PIV Insertions (2023)

Parker Laboratories to Launch Groundbreaking Ultrasound Innovations at ENA (2023)

Sterile Barrier Dressing Increases Efficiency and Safety of UGPIV Insertions, Pilot Study Finds (2023)

Reducing Infection Risks for Ultrasound - Guided Percutaneous Performed by ED Nurses (2023)

State Agencies Grant Nationwide Access to Ultrasound Disinfectant from Parker Labs (2023)

FDA Grants De Novo Clearance to Tristel ULT™ as a High-Level Disinfectant for Ultrasound Applications (2023)

Parker Labs Partners with Tristel to Deliver
Ultrasound Disinfectant for U.S. Market

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