Providing an alternative to paper-based audit trail books, 3T is a fully featured, cloud-based compliance platform. Combining an intuitive mobile app for use at the point-of-care, with an interactive web portal provides users with invaluable decontamination compliance tools.

3T guides users through all process steps, tracking decontamination events and making them available to view in real-time across their organization.

Aggregated data from all decontamination events are securely stored and can be found across interactive dashboards, allowing administrators to view and share customized reports.


  • Easily and effectively track decontamination events
  • Scan Tristel ULT products and create a unique compliance record
  • Safe, compact, portable, closest to point-of-care, and ready-to-use
  • Check decontamination status of medical devices
  • Review decontamination events via disinfection log
  • Monitor use of platform via audit log where all 3T activities are captured, including changes to decontamination records, users and devices
  • Filter and analyze compiled data as necessary
  • Designed to minimize steps and manual interactions around data logging
  • Cloud-based, securely accessible anywhere
  • No Software required
  • Free download from Apple and Android

Tristel™ ULT is manufactured and marketed in the United States by Parker Laboratories, Inc. as licensed by Tristel.


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