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Thermasonic® Gel Warmer - FAQ

What temperature is the Thermasonic Gel Warmer set at from the factory?

The temperature of the single-bottle unit is pre-set at the factory to heat the contents of the bottles to approximately 40°C (104°F).

82-03/82-03-20 (LED) & 83-03/83-03-20 (LCD)
The temperature of the multi-bottle units are pre-set at the factory to heat the contents of the bottles to approximately 39°C (102°F), however, the multi-bottle gel warmers allow the temperature to be adjusted.

How can you regulate the temperature of the Thermasonic Gel Warmer?

(82-03/82-03-20 (LED) & 83-03/83-03-20 (LCD) - Multi-bottle units only)

82-03/82-03-20 (LED)
If a change to the pre-set factory setting is required, the temperature adjustment can be made by pressing the thermometer button located below the LOW, MEDIUM AND HIGH settings this will allow the changing of the temperature. Allow sufficient time for the temperature to equilibrate.

83-03/83-03-20 (LCD)
If a change to the pre-set factory setting is required, press the arrow button with the + symbol to increase the temperature (one degree increments), or if you want to decrease the temperature press the - symbol (one degree increments). Allow sufficient time to the temperature to equilibrate.
NOTE: as you increase or decrease the temperature the newly displayed temperature will flash for 5 seconds, then will return to displaying current temperature.

Where is the ON/OFF switch?

The single unit does not contain an ON/OFF switch. All you need to do is plug the cord into the correct power supply and the unit will be operational.

82-03/82-03-20 (LED) & 83-03/83-03-20 (LCD)
The multi-bottle unit ON/OFF switch is located on the side of the unit. When switched to the ON position, the switch will illuminate, indicating it is operational. It will remain illuminated as long as the plug is plugged into the power supply.

Does the Heat Indicator Lamp stay on continuously?

Yes, the Heat Indicator Lamp (single-bottle unit only 82-01/82-01-20) will stay on once the set temperature has been reached 40°C (104°F). However, at times you may experience the light blinking as it re-adjusts to the set temperature. NOTE: If the temperature sensor is not operating at all. The Heat Indicator lamp will blink once every five seconds. If a short circuit occurs, the Heat Indicator Lamp will blink twice every five seconds. In either circumstance, the heater will not operate.

How long does it take for the Thermasonic Gel Warmer to heat to factory setting upon initial use?

The number of bottles in the warmer, and the amount of gel in the bottles will vary the time it takes to reach the target temperature range. The lid of the multi-bottle units (82-03/82-03-20 (LED) & 83-03/83-03-20 (LCD) should be closed during this process to help the heating process.

Should I keep the unit plugged in overnight?

Your Thermasonic Gel Warmer is designed for continuous operation and it is not necessary to disconnect the warmer at night.

How should I clean the Thermasonic Gel Warmer?

Disconnect the Thermasonic Gel Warmer from the electrical outlet prior to cleaning. Do not submerge or immerse the gel warmer in water. It may be cleaned using a soft, damp cloth and a mild detergent or hospital grade disinfectant, such as, Protex Wipes. Do not use an abrasive cleaner or isopropyl alcohol. Do not wet the electronic controls.

How do I repair the Thermasonic Gel Warmer?

DO NOT attempt to service or repair your Thermasonic Gel Warmer. Any evidence of the unit being disassembled, tampered with, or misused will void the warranty. Contact Parker Laboratories, Inc. with any service or warranty questions through e-mail: parker@parkerlabs.com

Is there a Warranty on the Thermasonic Gel Warmer?

All Thermasonic Gel Warmers have a two-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. Note: product must be registered on line at time of purchase

How will I know if the Thermasonic Gel Warmer is turned on?

Once the power cord is properly plugged into the receptacle and the correct power supply, The Heat Indicator Lamp (single bottle unit- 82-01/82-01-20) and the ON/OFF switch (multi-bottle units- (82-03/82-03-20 (LED) & 83-03/83-03-20 (LCD) will illuminate.

What is the temperature ranges of the muli-bottle Thermasonic Gel Warmers?

82-03/82-03-20 (LED)
The gel warmer has three settings, LOW warms to 36°C (97°F), MEDIUM warms to 3°9C (102°F), HIGH warms to 43°C (109°F).

83-03/83-03-20 (LCD)
The temperature range is 36°C(97°F) to 43°C (109°F)

How long will it take a full bottle of gel to warm?

Allow approximately two hours for a full bottle of gel to reach proper temperature

How do I switch between Fahrenheit to Celsius on the temperature display?

83-03/83-03-20 (LCD) multi-bottle unit only

Press both the + arrow button and → arrow button simultaneously

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