Defining an Industry

From our days pioneering the field of
diagnostic ultrasound in the 1950's,
Parker Laboratories Aquasonic


remains the most used, most respected
transmission gel available.

Reducing the Spread of Infection

Suitable for use on everything from exam
tables to transducers, our line of cleaners
and disinfectants offer a range of strength
and surface safety to protect healthcare
workers and patients from infection.

Repair, Heal, Enhance

Providing ongoing support of tried and true,
as well as new therapies and methods,
our Polysonic


Ultrasound Lotion is a
unique couplant, ideal for ultrasound
treatment followed by therapeutic massage.

Enhancing an Industry

Underpinning state of the art tools and
technologies of electromedical care, Parker
products support everything from EEG, ECG,
EMG, defibrillation, and biofeedback
to physiatry and obstetrical monitoring.

Global Reach

As a global leader in the
manufacture of healthcare products,
Parker Laboratories supports the
improvement of health and wellness
throughout the world.

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